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Originally Posted by -Acid- View Post
Not all CF cards work in the pcmcia port it's just the way it is. There is no way to tell in advance either - you just have to try them and find out what works and what doesn't.
And in my experience it's not always a "physical" thing, it may depend how the card is initialized/formatted. And some non-working cards can be get to working ones.

For example, I have an old 512MB CF card which I've used "forever", but then I tried a newer 4GB card and that didn't work. Then I made an image of my working 512MB card and wrote it on the non-working 4GB card... and to my surprise it started to work! So clearly there is some formatting difference or something in softwarewise that should be taken in consideration. It's still an unfinished project on me to solve what's the difference on the preformatted card and on my image of old card... should get back into that some day.
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