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Big CF Card not working with compactflash.device?

Hello again fellow Amigans!

I'm sticking this in support.Hardware and hoping that it's the right place to put this.

When I went to upgrade the CF 'harddrive' inside my Amiga 1200 I went for a SanDisk Ultra 32 GB CF card and followed MsMadLemons guide on YouTube (using PFS3 AIO), and I got it set up and working perfectly. Absolutely amazing!

However I started looking for a way to back up the internal harddrive (CF card) without having to take it out of the machine every time, and so I thought I'd buy another 32 GB card and use it with FAT32 file system through the PCMCIA slot (with adapter) to be able to back up.

However the card is not recognized at all. Even tried setting it up as a PFS3 formatted card and creating a mountfile for it using GiggleDisk (which did not work either). Seems 32 GB cards work fine internally but not externally (PCMCIA).

Do you guys know if there is a way to get it to work? If not what is the largest size CF card the PCMCIA adapter will accept? I have a SanDisk 4 GB and a Transcend 8 GB card that works fine but would be too small for my intended purpose in this case.

.... Was also thinking about using this way to update the WHDLoad games/demos etc.

Any help would be much appreciated with this issue...!

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