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There is this interesting video on YouTube:

[ Show youtube player ]

Read the description and comments; these ones in particular:

Hey Trevor I got this game to work on my pc. Any ideas on how to get the joystick to work. Not using mame using the same setup you used. Thanks if you could give me ideas on how to get the joystick to work. Also figured out how to level warp in the game.
Jack, I was never able to get the game working with a joystick. I'm certain it needs the controller board that was housed outside of the PC unit.
Everything necessary has been provided to help the developers create an emulation. The video you see here is the original Savage Quest PC attached to a typical dell monitor, keyboard & mouse. The video is provided to the devs to demonstrate how the actual hardware behaves at boot up.

The game is not available online or on any console.

The game is only partially controllable with a ps2 keyboard. Enabling USB controllers makes no difference. So: no walk though videos. Sorry.

The actual arcade cabinet was on display at CAX 2011. Soon after, the huge monitor died. Attempts to fix the monitor yielded short playtime, then it would burn out again. We got tired of fixing it.
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