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I am thinking that if Toni managed to make the Laserdisc arcades work on WinUAE, you can surely take DosBox and make these things run.

But for that you need DosBox to be still developed (its status is uncertain to me) and a developer that wants to add this support.

Since MAME opens the CHD images and all, it means there is source out there talking about them, accessing them and using them.

It has nothing to do with the MAME team not being smart. Sometimes the emulation is not there because there's just not a way to make it happen in that framework. Things like licenses come to mind.

It's the same reason why, I am guessing, Toni was asked to include Voodoo emulation on WinUAE because it was available in MAME, but there were a bunch of obstacles to do so, but they had nothing to do with anyone "not being smart".

Perhaps the MAME guys just can't, for whatever reason, have all the things that make a PC run added into MAME, not just yet.

Again, all assumptions from my hand. It seems pretty weird to not have a PC-based game not running nowadays.
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