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It's a good suggestion but can't imagine it's that simple.

I mean, I haven't used DOSBox in years. It does support Voodoo 3DFX as far as I'm aware but:
  • Don't think it supports .CHD files?
  • How do you see what files are being loaded / reside on the .CHD in order to create the "Config.sys" & "Autoexec.bat" files, plus required drivers and then load the actual game from whatever directory it's stored in?
  • How do you tell it to also load / use the required ROMs?
  • How do you setup arcade DIP switches / controls?
  • etc...
The MAME guys are very smart cookies. If it's not fully emulated yet i.e. not even starting / showing the game then...

Anyway, I'm a patient man... Sure it will happen at some stage
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