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Originally Posted by Olecranon View Post
This sort of thing fascinates me. Do people play these games on the Amiga because they enjoy the gaming experience? Or is it just the coolness factor of saying you can play quake, doom, etc on an old school system? Can you deathmatch against others or are they strictly single player?

I love playing DOOM on my A1200, it runs smooth and fast and 'feels' really nice to play on my Miggy -> [ Show youtube player ]

Duke Nukem AGA also runs very well on my system

When you move up to later PC games like Descent/Quake/Quake 2 it's a different story, these are more about showing people what's possible on AGA when coupled with an over-clocked 060. Quake is very playable on a fast 060 but I've found it starts to chug a bit on the later levels, Quake 2 is obviously even more demanding than Quake.

I've played through about half of Quake 2 on my A1200 but unfortunately the game gets more demanding the further you progress through the levels.

As Steve said, multi-player is not really practical with these ports running on Classic hardware. I don't even bother to support multi-player on my ports because I know hardly anyone will use this feature.

I think the best thing about doing a Quake 2 AGA port was the comments I got from people who thought my YouTube videos were fake, they didn't believe it was possible

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