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Yes, yesterday I had some mistakes: I tried on CWB, but it had CGX disabled, that's why the WBStartup++ only was working right when adding CyberbugFix to monitors, as it makes CyberbugFix to run again (you see the monitors as CGX...). On my AmiKit I had CGX too down on the s-s, so without the file on monitors it wasn't working. It's rare but it works. Anyway I will change that on the 05 update. So no, CGX-AGA doesn't seem necessary (at least for the chip saving) and Cyberbugfix doesn't has to be on monitors.

There was some other program Mad-Matt talked about:

Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
Back when I got my ppc card all those years ago, there were some rtg only apps in which some had a chance of working using the cgx driver and ive used it since this time. Isis mpeg/vcd player I think was one of them. Worked great for its time before frogger/amp were developed..
Unfortunately the only Isis player on Aminet is for PPC. I would like to try some program.
Edit:... Or perhaps Nova can release some beta to try.

Edit: There is a list of programs to try. If you open Interleaved inside Envarc/Cybergraphx. Riva is one of them so I will try.

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