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Retrofan, does running the command C:CGX-AGA (from the Aminet pack) before C:Cyberbugfix solve some of your problems?

After all, CyberBugfix is meant to be a CGX-AGA companion according to the notes. I just run CyberBugfix by itself in the CWB35/9 packs and see no difference but can easily add CGX-AGA to the startup sequence if it fixes anything.

Or could do what Mad-Matt suggests and only run CGX-AGA (although AWeb has trashed browser buttons in OS35 for some unknown reason - funnily enough, the CyberBugfix readme states that it fixes trashed browser icons in iBrowse so perhaps it's the same bug when running AWeb and OS35).

I can't see why we need CyberBugfix or CGX-AGA in the Devs/Monitors drawers. It's not as if it's a user-selectable screenmode in the screen prefs or anything.
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