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I remember (and have the photos to prove it!) the birthday i had as a kid, when my speccy +2 was never powered on ever again and my brand spanking new amiga 600 with external drive and 2mb ram took it's place at the "computer desk". ahhh such fond memories. not only of using the amiga but every month was like christmas for me as i'd saved up my 5 pounds pocket money and cycled on my bmx as fast as i could to the newsagents to buy another magazine with cool new free stuff to play with

nowadays i'm collecting all those magazines and coverdisks I couldn't buy (£5 per month pocket money only got me one, so had to choose carefully) and all the hardware (A1200, BPPC, hard drive etc) i couldn't afford back then. hell i cant afford alot of the stuff even now (mediators! ouch!) but i still to this day get that warm fuzzy feeling firing the miggy up and hearing that drive click. emulation is fine for me too when i want to play lemmings on my 50" tv

aside from collecting magazines and coverdisks and pimping my A1200 I've been reading an awful lot more about the inner workings of it. I've set myself a goal of learning everything i can about the A1200 in particular and am already starting to code my first game. for me i think it's an age old platform that once you learn about you never need to keep updating yourself because the hardware doesn't change as fast as modern hardware does.

TLDR: I want what i could never afford as a kid, and want to learn everything i can about the A1200
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