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Put simply, a computer with 1000 times more power just isn't interesting. I tried to get into OpenGL on the PC a few years ago and produced a few impressive things, far too easily, and I quickly got bored. And then if you ever do manage to reach the limit, you only have to wait a few months for the next graphics card to come out. I never really got into 3D games anyway, the only game I really played on my PC was The Sims which I reckon you could do on the Amiga anyway, gameplay wise. In fact I see modern games all the time and think, you could do essentially the same game on Amiga without the fancy graphics so the appeal of all that extra performance is a bit lost on me.

Programming with strict and definite limitations, and trying to squeeze out every last drop of performance, is far more satisfying. This is why even when I program for Amiga I aim for an unexpanded A1200, even though I have 32Mb RAM and 68060.
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