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Only Amiga!

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What makes you an Amiga user?

I'm interested to gauge what makes members here an Amiga user in 2013. I mean modern PCs and Macs are a 1000 times more powerful than even a highly ungraded Amiga 4000 these days, so why do we all love the Amiga so much?

For me, if I am brutally honest it is nothing more that pure nostalgia, I had an Amiga A1200 back in the early 90's and want to relive my younger days and play the games and use the software that I remember using back then.

Having said that, I am really loving learning about aspects of the OS that I never knew (or cared about) back then like tool types for example, I never knew about stuff like that back in the day, and of course now we have the pleasures of Compact Flash Cards and the awesome WHDLoad, the wonders never stop .

So come on people tell us why you use an Amiga now in the futuristic world of 2013...

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