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Originally Posted by liveevil View Post
I read through the website instructions and it said you have to download a default config file and then manually edit it to change all the graphics options. Why cant all this be done in the Frontend like WinUAE ? Just to setup all the default display options etc.
FS-UAE Launcher 2.1.x, included with the FS-UAE download, has GUI controls to configure most settings. With FS-UAE Launcher 2.0.x, you can also specify graphics options, but need to put them in "Custom Settings" in the settings dialog, so you don't need to create configuration files as such).

I recommend you download the latest development version and check out the included FS-UAE Launcher

Originally Posted by liveevil View Post
2) Is there a choice of drive sounds ? The default one is a bit loud and scratchy if you know what I mean. WinUAE has alternate drive sounds that can be downloaded that sound exactly like a real Amiga.
There isn't. The drive sounds are currently compiled into FS-UAE. I'll put it on the todo-list to move these out into the data directories so they can be overriden by users.

Originally Posted by liveevil View Post
I'm looking forward to the LED support in themes (I see that there is only 1 theme available at the moment but it looks quite good). Hopefully there will be one that shows the top part of the Amiga at the bottom of the screen that has the Power and DF0 lights and some external drives that all have lights that work when the drives are accessed. That would take me right back to my younger days.
There's already floppy LED support for themes. HD/CD/Power LED support is added to 2.1.4, due out this evening. There's no official theme development going on, so availability of themes is dependent on users creating and contributing themes!
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