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Originally Posted by Thomas Magnum View Post
is there a chance implementing a hard drive LED? somewhere on the screen which works for WHDs too? ;-)
LED support in themes for HD, CD and Power leds is implemented for the next development version. (using the overlay image support: power = custom8, hd = custom9, cd = custom10)

Originally Posted by yesplease View Post
Frode to be more concrete on the X11 thing on OSX10.8, when I click the launcher button "joystickschalter konfigurieren", a apple popup appears which says, ok I translate in english "to open python you have to install X11, would you like to do that now ?" It follows an explanation why X11 is not anymore installed and so on. Finally you have the choice continue to install or cancel. I mean its not that important for me. I already configured so I do not reinstall the X11 thing, maybe if I get some new controller I have to. ;-)
Yes, I did understand what you mean, but I don't know why I tries to use X11 on your system. Perhaps it somehow picks up an installed pygame version or something compiled with X11 on your system... -But that's why I wanted someone else on 10.8 (without X11 installed) to test... -But I also discovered now that the joystick configuration tool won't start on Mac (when started from the bundle) in the latest development version, this will be fixed for 2.1.4.

Originally Posted by yesplease View Post
Frode, I think the additional automatic config for unknown/undefined controllers would ease the handling and increase the usability for new users a lot.
It is implemented Should work for most joysticks, except when the d-pad returns button events instead of hat/axis events, like with PS3 controllers on Linux. But of course, this specific case is picked up by the bundled PS3 controller configs...
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