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Originally Posted by no9 View Post
music or sfx:
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One of the things I love about my Nissan Leaf is that you can listen to music at a reasonable volume without being distracted by engine noise.

what the heck, perfect gun silencer?
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And what would a continuous rat-a-tat have added to the game? The background music was already making it difficult to hear the enemies' shots.

16-bit can be utilised fully only by software dedicated to music/sound where all available system resources can be sacrificed for that single use.
My ears have an upper frequency cutoff of 3kHz and background noise level of about -40dBm, so 16 bit sound is completely wasted on me. 16 bit effects are unnecessary in a game, and if you need it for background music then that's what the CD32 (or A1200 with CDROM drive) was for. Why waste memory and cycles when you can play it direct from CD?

As for the overhead of mixing sound channels during the game, if a stock A1200 has enough grunt to do all the graphics and regular sound then an accelerated machine should have plenty left over for mixing. But of course that would mean upgrading your machine to get the advanced sound effects, which was anathema to Amiga owners.
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