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Originally Posted by Turrican_3 View Post
Do you have any source for this?

As far as I understand Amiga sales figures are still being debated, especially on a per-model basis (except the ill-fated CD32 perhaps?)
According to the Amiga History Guide, 200,000 A600's were sold in 1992, and 144,000 A1200's in 1992-3.

But the suggestion that A1200 sales were poor because people didn't want them is wrong. In fact Commodore couldn't keep up with the demand. If only they had released the A1200 instead of the A600 it would have captured those earlier sales as well - and perhaps even more. When the A600 was released a lot of people were very disappointed, as they were expecting something more like the A1200. A lot of sales were probably lost right there when disappointed potential customers moved to PCs.

Sales figures don't mean a lot anyway. The C64 sold mullions, but that doesn't make it better than the A1200. As for people thinking it was 'not enough to justify £400 to upgrade' the vast majority of A500 users never bought one - their parents did. So of course they didn't want to spend £400 (if they even had that kind of money).

I don't know about the UK, but down here in New Zealand the vast majority of all home users were rampant pirates, and the main justification for the higher price of an Amiga was all the awesome pirated games you could run on it. Why buy an A1200 when it would probably just have compatibility issues with your warez?

But for those of us who wanted more than just something to play stolen games on, the A1200 was a bargain compared to the alternatives. Full of promise, and cheaper than an A500 once you added a hard drive etc.
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