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Originally Posted by AC/DC HACKER! View Post
Data Cache is always disabled in my CyberStormPPC / 68zer060 config. If I enable it, it always shows as disabled when running.

When I have JIT enabled, it's always Indirect. I almost completely use a clone of my A4000 with CSPPC. JIT disables Data Cache.

I see , if you use a CSPPC, the accelaror has maprom, it disable direct mode.
Only fot test , leave the accelerator and use diretly 68060 and Pcc cpu, the system go however; set direct mode in the jitter and use in "Tab Rom" Origanal UAE (FS + F0Rom).
You try install Picasso96 driver.
Aftet come nack at your orginal conf and see the function the rtg card.

Good luck.
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