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Originally Posted by solarmon View Post
The clock read (_CLKRD) and write (_CLKWR) signals goes to Gary - pins 22 and 23.
_CLKRD on Gary pin 22 is connected to pin 8 of the RTC chip (through pin 49 of the trapdoor expansion connector). _CLKWR on Gary pin 23 is connected to pin 10 of the RTC chip. As far as I understand these look correct.

Originally Posted by solarmon View Post
So maybe you could check the chip select trace (_XCLKCS) to make sure it is OK and asserted (_XCLKCS is active low).
If I understand correctly, _XCLKCS is pin 33 on the trapdoor expansion connector and is connected to ground on the motherboard side and to pin 2 of the RTC chip. This seems to be the case in my system.

Originally Posted by solarmon View Post
And looking at the schematics/gerbers - there seems to be a jumper to enable the clock? Is this jumper enabled on your board?
It is. Here's a photo of the board:

One thing potentially worth mentioning: the system does have a TerribleFire TF530 installed. However, an another RTC did work with it without issues.
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