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Originally Posted by malko View Post
First, welcome to the forum @Slamy.

Second, on your post, you are mentioning several video but you have only linked one (also you have mentioned 2018 and since we are already in 08.2019, it's a bit strange).

Then, only based on the video, this is a nice little game that put a big smile on my face (positive comment).
I do like the idea to play a "leopard slug". So far, I didn't have seen any score and only a "99" on the top of the screen so I think that there will be a timer and that we will have to reach check-points to continue ?

Maybe if you can give more information : What is the story of the game ?
What is making this "leopard slug" running ? Is there a big monster that has kidnapped the 'sluggette' ?

Edit: Just see that you have updated your post. Will read it again then.
Hello malko,
yeah this was quite unlucky with the post. Even the post preview was alright. It was broken as soon as I've submitted it..

The game doesn't have a score of points you gain during the gameplay directly. I was inspired by Super Metroid and the score of the game is the time you needed to complete it.
The game also encrypts this score as a string you can enter online.
At least this is what I'm trying to archive in the end.

The website for that is not very good but for an experiment it's okay:

Also this game doesn't has any weapons for the main character. For this genre this is quite unusual but also fun as you need to work you way around the enemies and defeat the bosses with their own stupidity.

The story of this game is nearly absent:
"The slug want's to eat a strawberry but falls into a cave by trying to reach it. Then the slug has to find a way out to finally reach their goal."
I'm not a story writer....

The "99" on the top of the screen is the health and counts down in Turrican and Metroid 1 style.

There is no timer counting down. Only up. You have the time you need.
There is no game over either.
Check points protect you from starting all over. This is inspired by the game VVVVVV.
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