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[ongoing] Tiny Little Slug

Hello fellows,

my name is Slamy and I'm rather new to this board, so hello to all of you.
I've spent some time on as german is my main language but now I would also like to introduce the international amiga community into my current project. I'm sorry for all the grammar problems that might follow.

I'm currently developing a metroidvanian style 2D platformer with a leopard slug as the main character.
Development started on August 2018 and I'm planning to release this game either in late 2019 or early 2020 if everything goes as expected.
Here are some videos in chronological order on YouTube so you get an idea on how this game looks like:

This is very early and represents experiments with a tilemap scrolling engine and some sprite parallax in the background.
[ Show youtube player ]

This is the second video and introduces a second world with an ice theme and also a test for a title screen.
[ Show youtube player ]

At this point in time XplrA joined the team as a pixel artist and made the game look a lot better. The video also compares the old style to the new one.
[ Show youtube player ]

Then there is also a last video which is only weeks old and shows the current graphical style of the third world in a fire cave scenario.
[ Show youtube player ]

The game is targeted at an unexpanded Amiga 500 which means I've taken the burden to work with only 512kB of RAM. (I'll never do that again)
The game is completely written in C and the engine was written from scratch. As compiler I use m68k-amigaos-gcc from bebbo and a selfcompiled m68k-elf-gcc with a reduced newlib as libc for smaller footprint.
For sound I use the ptplayer library from phx and as track loader I currently use trackdisk.asm from phx as well. Both are awesome and a great relief in the development!

I've developed the game with AmigaDOS / NDOS portability in mind and this means that this game can be built as a NDOS floppy disk image and as an AmigaDOS binary (for 1MB machines) as well. Without NDOS this would never run with 512kB to be honest.

Of course I'm interested in what you think about this and maybe suggestions.
I've attached the last released alpha version from december 2018 to this post so you can try the game out for yourself.
This early version lets you play the earth and ice world of the game.
Since then development continued but the current state is not very releasable so I guess the next available version for all of you is probably the final one.
The game will feature 5 sections with different theme or playstyle and probably 3 bosses fitting to the theme.

I'm pretty new to the Amiga community as I'm a rather introvert guy. But we share the same love for this old machine so I decided to give this a go as I always wanted to develop for this computer of my youth.

Persons working on this project:
Slamy - Program, Music, Dev Tools, Leveldesign
XplrA - Graphics for Tiles and BOBs

Have a nice weekend.

EDIT: Sorry, I had to edit this post multiple times so the YouTube links were working....
EDIT2: The years were wrong. Of course this can't be released on 2018 any more :-D
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