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Originally Posted by mcgeezer View Post
Today i watched a video of project x, i havent changed my thoughts on the game.
If i can sum up the game in one word it would be ‘uninspiring’.

Biggest gripes about it
Sluggish movement
25fps enemies by the looks of it
Enemies take multiple hits to destroy (only bosses should have this luxury)
The game enemies are linea... you fight one wave, then another of different type...its just boring.

The graphics are nice though but lack of a killer ingame tune makes this a long drawn affair with a shit sandwich for tea time.
There is a term for that style, which was coined a few years ago.

"Euro Shmup"

Usually this also adds a "health bar" for the player, since the gameplay mechanics and enemy placement are so shoddy you need to compensate for this.

Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
I'm kinda astonished about how Z-Out is so underrated. It's not a MASTERPIECE but it's better than most Amiga shmups. It's well done, well programmed, it has something that resembles level design, the soundtrack is awesome (I don't care about Project-X cool track if it only plays in title screen, durr). It's a very good game and usually forgotten on those discussions.
I never felt it was underrated, on the opposite it was quite a big thing here in germany when it released. At least that was my impression.
For me it's still the most competently done and best looking R-Type Lookalike done back then...
The Giger-inspired-level is one of the best looking and sounding 16bit SHMUP-levels existing, imo.

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