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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
I could name a few, all worse than Project-X. Darius+ and Sirius 7 instantly comes to mind.
The point was obviously that the game I mentioned is not just worse than Project-X, it is much, much, much worse. One is fairly uninspiring (boring even at points), but OK on a 'technology' level. The other is neither OK on the 'technology' level, nor even remotely close to being as good as to be 'uninspiring'.

A small joke to show the difference between 'boring/average' and 'bad' if you will
There other 2 horizontal shooters on Amiga that are VERY good and are nearly completely unknown:

Ziriax, which I found out by trying out random WHDLoad games and I was completely blown away by it, and wondered how the heck I had never heard about it.

Powder, which I only heard first here on this forum and it's also a great game.
I'll be sure to check them out!

Got any affordable Mega Drive/SNES/PC Engine tips (as in on cartridge)?
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