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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Do not underestimate us mate, please.

Firstly, surviving genocide and after starting from 0 multiple times in first 3 decades of my life made me realize that hate is very unhealthy and having explosive personality mixed with ADHD and few other things can lead to many unneeded and unhealthy conflicts.

Speaking on forums - what really agitates me when someone starts to take control of where discussion is going. This makes it hard to be part of hardly moderated forums and I really try to avoid them and this lead to my partial self ban from this site for couple of years. (RIP total-emu )

From my personal experience, people can evolve, change, heal and find a way to cope with their loss or issue(s), just give them enough time and room. One of my biggest regrets in life is that I did not help a friend whose problems (mainly from drinking and later mental issues) I did not understand at the time - he took his life after developing high level of schizophrenia.

My views on many things have changed in past 20 years and are still changing.

Video games, books and movies, retro computers and gaming and family is mainly what keeps me going. This forum is part of it. Living in game such as Elite Dangerous - with whole galaxy to explore - run through... Or just trying something new...

I use Alexa at home, and it can play ambient noise / sounds.

Not that we need it in past 2 months. We had more rain then in past 10 years.
Retro Keeps me going too buddy along with this Forum and a few other Things.

Please do not Regret what Happened to your Friend, sometimes you think you may be helping by taking a Step back and it isn't always the case. That doesn't make you Remotely to blame at all. Remember the Good times.

Mental Health is Scary and Before I could Admit to Myself that I needed a little bit of extra help when it comes to Coping, it used to Scare me!

Gaining a Understanding of it I think comes with Age Buddy it took me a long time to Accept I am Different
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