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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
Would you mind sharing a few recommendations?

I had never heard about the acronym ASMR.
Basically there are two ways of ASMR:
1. Roleplays that show situations that relax you.
For example a visit at the doctor.
[ Show youtube player ]

2. Trigger sounds like tapping, scratching, crinkles and so on
Dmitri (MassageASMR) used to be the king of such videos, his older ones are great
[ Show youtube player ]

The most successful channels at the moment the far I know are Gentle Whispering

and Gibi ASMR

and ASMR Darling

Edit: her real name is actually Taylor Darling, there is always a discussion whether ASMR is a sexual thing or not but it basically isn't and there a re also good male ASMRtists like Raphy Taphy or Ephemeral Rift. The list is endless, I would estimate there is a million ASMR videos on Youtube, no joke, some things work for you and some don't

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