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I used to have a Casio GD-8 racing game watch as a kid back in the 80s. One of these:

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Loved it. Stopped wearing in sometime in the early 90s in favour of a more grown-up Lorus, which my parents gave me, because the Casio was a pretty dweeby thing to rock as a teenager.

Anyway, having got into watches properly a few years ago, and having no idea what had happened to my GD-8 (I don't remember specifically getting rid of it but my step-dad was a fiend for getting me to clear stuff out and get rid of it back in the day), I thought about picking one up off eBay. At the time I found two available, both over £200. Couldn't believe it.

For the heck of it I just checked again, but this time came up empty handed. Still, £200 for a watch that can't have cost more than about £20 back in the 80s isn't bad as investments go, if you still had one in working order. Looking at other Casio game watches on eBay now and they all seem to go for crazy money.
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