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i recently bought a vintage casio watch : the model F-91W-1YER, it's supposed to work for about 7-9 years with the same battery ! Simple, no internet connection, no wired

I'll use it for working and as i work outside, I needed a solid watch which lasts several years, which resists water in case of rain and cheap. it seemed to me to be the best choice.

These solar model are also interesting
the first solar watch : the Synchronar 2100

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or the Casio AL-190WD-1A AL190

In my childhood i also liked the calculator watches.

The casio watch with the wrist remote controller was ahead of its time. It was funny to see so many different design of watches, for sure they sometimes took some risks in creating some model.

And it was a certain luxury to wear a Japanese watch rather than a Swiss watch.
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