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No opinions yet on GoT season 8?

I'm watching it because I was getting sick and tired of having to dodge all the spoilers online and among coworkers.

So far:

Episode 1: Yawn
Episode 2: Yawn - uh oh, it's starting.
Episode 3: Holy moley. 8 seasons of build up, one insane episode settles it
Episode 4: Jon Snow is a stupid asshole. Dany needs to fail in her mission. Jaime needs to be locked in a room with the Mountain. Varys needs to just go away and never come back. Bran is probably the best example of how they're just rushing to finish this show up, what a pointless and dull character.

There are few people left that I actually want to see get out on top at this point now that the writing has made a turn for the worst in this season. Who should win the Game of Thrones? IMO: Tyrion + Sansa.
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