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Originally Posted by MartinW View Post
Does this mean then that it would work with either Miami or bsdsocket directly under emulation? Apologies if that's a bit of a dumb question. To be fair, I like DCTelnet but would still be cool to try some others. I guess at some point I must have had AMiTCP installed since Term is already configured with telser device but it's not there now. Real machine is Miami, emu obviously has no stack.
It has always worked with any TCP/IP-stack offering the bsdsocket.library interface (Roadshow, AmiTCP, Miami, TermiteTCP, UAE-host-stack-wrapper), but it has those wonky and impractical requirements on the AmiTCP: assign and directory layout of the AmiTCP installation making it very annoying if you don’t use AmiTCP.
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