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Couldn't find a TV thread so I'm posting this here. Guys, you have to get the DVD boxed set of the Boris Karloff hosted series Thriller (1961-62). After that awkward first half of season one which should be avoided because it was nothing more than a sub-Alfred Hitchcock Presents derivative, it turned into this brilliant, dark and creepy horror-supernatural-ruthless-crime-drama anthology series that was BETTER than the rather tame The Alfred Hitchcock Hour which was running directly opposite it in 1962. The episode starring Richard Carlson as a narcissistic coverup-murderer father transferring all his creepy, doting affection to his teenage son is one of the most alarming things I've watched in the genre, And the follow-up episode Man Of Mystery with a young Mary Tyler Moore is so monstrous in its denouement that even Hitchcock at his most cynical wouldn't touch it (except for An Unlocked Window, which is one of the seminal, all-time most haunting and disturbing things that television has ever produced). The supernatural episodes tended to be first rate too with Robert Bloch and Charles Beaumont at the top of their forms. Watch it.
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