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Well anyway, I've done an update which is in the zone. I felt guilty about hurting Amiga Bill's fingers on his livestream due to the game's lack of autofire, so I've patched in autofire.

A couple of quick notes how it works:

- Fire was always essentially unrestrained, so if you could tap the fire button 50 times a second you'd get 50 shots (barring the restriction on maximum shots on screen). I've hard coded the auto fire to fire a shot once every 8 frames, so the same as tapping fire about six times a second.
- The charge function hasn't been removed, it's still there. If you hold fire for about three seconds, and release, it'll do the charge shot. This does make the game a bit easier, so I've also included the original non-autofire version.

Hopefully it isn't TOO easy now, but I haven't extensively tested. Any feedback would be appreciated!
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