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TF328 & Kipper2K Riser v6.0 (Terrible Fire 328 for CD32)

I have one TF328 available with a Kipper2k Riser.
(I will potentially have another two available in the next week or two)

For those who do not know what it is:

8MB Fast RAM and IDE board designed by plasmab.
This is an OpenSource design and main project can be found here

The Riser board is complete with PS/2 Keyboard and RGB out.
It's designed by Kipper2K and is exactly the same as the ones I previously sold here only difference being they are green not red.

The plastic surounding the IDE header is broken of in one place, this is intentional as the connector on some 44pin to CF adapters is fatter than a normal IDE connector.
It does not harm the header in anyway. There is also a solder blemish on the edge connector as can be seen bottom right of the TF328.

Price including postage for one TF328 and Riser is as follows

Untracked £68
Tracked £70

Untracked £70
Tracked £75 (Insured at £50, if you want it at full value it's an extra £3)

For other locations I will calculate a cost.

I will only except Paypal Gift as this is not a commercial product.
Also it's your responsibility to ensure your TF328 is insulated from the shielding inside your CD32!
You will also need to make sure you have a ROM Version of 40.60 for the IDE to work.

Other Items for sale:
A500 CPU Relocator ( 90 degree ) Ideal for TF530
TF328 & Kipper2K Riser v6.0
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