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Part 01 in the zone

I don't have webspace for this lot, so my intention is to keep uploading in batches to the zone.

Internal drive in my A1200 is dead..... thankfully I had an external drive thats NEVER been used and was still in polythene and its box, so its working well

I've named the disks where I can, obviously those among you that love renaming to proper conventions are welcome to do whatever.

I haven't taken any care over duplicates in TOSEC, i'm just imaging as I find them hence they are in ZERO order.

I've named the files as to what I come across.

Millennium 2.2 is an unknown cracked version, there is nothing on the disk or edited to say who cracked it, but its definitely cracked as I can see the Copylocks have been correctly done.

So Part 01 is up, obviously anyone is welcome to download, but maybe people would prefer to wait until someone renames them all properly and checks CRC's to see if any are dupes.

Obviously if anyone is doing this, you need to let people know in THIS thread where they can find the newly updated files.
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