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Originally Posted by AmigaBill View Post
I feel you. It takes me forever to make simple YouTube videos, so I can imagine how long your work takes, but having fun with it is all that matters and makes it worth it.

No worries, I am sure someone knows if it is possible, but I will also try myself. That is 1/2 the fun anyway. I have a SCSI CD-ROM drive with PCMCIA/SCSI adapter for my A1200. The funny thing is - I have never tried it It will give me motivation to test it out and learn how to boot to the CD ROM vs. DF0: or the HD. Thanks again for the great work and I will let you know if I get it working on my 1200
I use the CD32 emulator (and OS3.9 CacheCDFS)that comes with squirrel pcmcia adapter on my A1200.
You install it, then modify it. I have mine setup to check for CD on boot, if it see's it, then it boots into CD32. If not, it just boots workbench.

Obviously it will only work with games that do not rely on a rad disk to boot if reset. Simply because CD0 is not mounted until HDD boots.
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