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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
Thanks Bill! Yeah they do take longer than someone might think they do, but I enjoy making them that's all that matters, though I do sit on the laptop too much in the evening, I must contain it to the weekend really, but it's like a drug trying to get a certain game to run!

No idea about playing these on a A1200 with cd-rom, only had a A500 then CD32 with SX1 so had no need back then, someone else will be able to help I'm sure.
I feel you. It takes me forever to make simple YouTube videos, so I can imagine how long your work takes, but having fun with it is all that matters and makes it worth it.

No worries, I am sure someone knows if it is possible, but I will also try myself. That is 1/2 the fun anyway. I have a SCSI CD-ROM drive with PCMCIA/SCSI adapter for my A1200. The funny thing is - I have never tried it It will give me motivation to test it out and learn how to boot to the CD ROM vs. DF0: or the HD. Thanks again for the great work and I will let you know if I get it working on my 1200
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