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Originally Posted by andreas View Post
In all honesty: I doubt it!
I've tested BeastieWorker on my WB3.0 setup and I got a bit further than you.

First of all, it needs:

- ixemul.library (v5.1+, AFAICS not found on Aminet!)
- StormMesa package (incl. agl.library)
- SDL for Amiga

SDL is the actual problem. The current 680x0 version from 2003, v1.2.6, does not have StormMesa support compiled in!
SDL complains that it cannot open an appropriate display.

This looks like a mission impossible to me to get to work, except for OS4 users who can use the (recent!) OS4 versions of the libraries, which, of course, have full OpenGL support.
Tested and to my astonishment and the game is fast enough on AFA OS

[ Show youtube player ]

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