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Seeking Argasm

OK new here - just bought a used A500 on EBay and waiting for that to show up and considering a A1200 from Amikit as a more premanent solution.
Been running E-UAE on Ubuntu and playing the games on a USB XBox360 controller - very weird combo but works extremely well.

Anyhoo , I used to do some basic assembly language years ( or decades ) ago on my original A500 and loved it. From memory I used Argasm , I think mainly from it's speed , and really want to get back to that as a time waster / hobby again.

I already have Decpac from the Zone , thanks , but can't seem to find Argasm anywhere. Not sure if this is because it is not that popular with others , or if it still has commercial value. If the latter can someone please point me to where I can buy a copy again as I would be quite happy to.

Many thanks , it feels great to be back on an Amiga again - even if only in an emulator for now......
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