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Originally Posted by Sensei Le Roof View Post
All my search has revealed is that it might be called "Sonix Music Disk".
You're definitely on the right track, the tunes in your ZIP are from various Sonix data disks, they aren't modules as such but IFF-SMUS files made using Aegis Sonix an older composing tool.

Now we hit the problem, the tunes you are looking for almost certainly came from a private collection, I seriously doubt you will find one disk that contains all of them. To assist your hunt I've put together a package of all the Sonix tunes that I could find, it doesn't include all of the songs you're looking for but some of them are definitely in there it's just a matter of sorting through them. Download it from here

If you don't already have a player then you will need a copy of Deliplayer along with Wanted Team's Sonix Music Driver or alternatively a copy of UADE.
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