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I want an A1000

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If you have a cd-rom you can try the CD32 versions of AGA games, if available. Mostly, it's just the audio cd music tracks instead of the Paula "chip" music - and some extra levels/world if you 're lucky. Of the games I listed earlier SleepWalker CD32 has superb cd music tracks. (
Brian the Lion CD32 ( and James Pond 2: Robocod CD32 have good music tracks (
Yet another platformer, one of the best, Fire and Ice ( is to be found with enhanced AGA graphics in CD32 version only (not A1200-floppy) and it contains some of the best music tracks in Amiga game-music history!
Finally, Alien Breed: Tower Assault CD32 ( contains both the original Alien Breed 2 and the Tower Assault version. (extra levels and storyline) along with some stunning intros. Great release.

Well, if you're into platformers like me, you know where to start but also take note of what AMIGAZ said !

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