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Announcement regarding Amigaville Issue 4


This is Brian here of Amigaville... Now I have after a long hard process of decision making I have decided that Issue 4 I am going ask for a fee of £2 an issue. Now I know up to this point Amigaville has been free to download and some will not be happy with my decision.

I will now explain why I came to this decision.

I am working completely on my own. I have no team to call upon to do the writing or compilation of the magazine. Now this does take up quite a lot of my time, it is also quite a bit of work for one man.

I am now having to host my own website, pay for bandwidth, hosting etc. That unfortunately is not being supplied to me for free. Now I tried using services like Dropbox to begin with, so I could supply the files for free but that failed.

Now I admit several would be able to just shake that off. However I will openly admit this is my only job at the moment, so I can't supplement it by other means.

I believe that £2 is not a harsh price... It's the price of an average cup of coffee. Surely the time and effort I put in is worth that. I do try to provide a reasonable quality of content.

Also I may be able to provide better or even larger amount of content. I have tried asking for submissions or reviews but no response. I understand some writers may want payment. I can only do that with your help.

Hopefully this seems reasonable.... I will announce methods of payment closer to the time...

Thanks for reading this and I hope you will stay with me and Amigaville.

Issue 4 scheduled for release (if all goes to plan) ... February 6th 2016


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