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You know what would be really cool? 3 button support. Not for CD32 controllers, but for specifically built 3-button controllers. The hardware can support, but you'd have to build the controller yourself.

But I guess not many people would be interested.

I was playing Shadow Dancer 2 days ago, and I was thinking how it would benefit for having a jump button... then I was going to keyboard to use the ninja magic, and I was like "it would be good to have a button to use the magic".

That game would be a lot more enjoyable (and a freaking amazing port) if you could actually play it using 3 buttons.

It seems some games actually do support 3 buttons ... but like I said, I'd guess not many people would care about it.

I could easliy list games that would benefit from 2 button support (also 3 button ), and I'd even like to help, but I have no idea of how to do it.
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