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Thanks for the info and the files PeterK.

Yes there were a few reasons I found that caused me to revert back from the latest Scalos beta to the older stable non-beta v1.2d. Can't remember all the issues, but it broke a few things and was in general slower on non-accelerated Amiga's.

I will make use of this however since you say it uses free libs and some of the beta Scalos files - probably add it as an install option in the future if it tests out ok. I'd imagine PNG icons are quite slow though on standard Amigas, but it is a nice option to have all icons displaying correctly.

Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Hi Bloodwych,
If you want to avoid this then please rename or remove the following files:
No need to delete.

The Copper enable/disable script actually backs up your current Scalos.prefs file into those drawers, one for Copper enabled and one for Copper disabled. Therefore if you make sure the icons are frameless (Scalos Settings) for both Copper enabled and then disabled first, you won't have any problems with your icon files. Those files above would be replaced by the Copper enable/disable script.

Great work and thanks for your efforts!

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