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Serial link...arghh!

I am at a complete loss anymore as to what to do to get this working. I have an A500 in an A500+ case, the MBO is very clean and like brand new. No damage, no mods, nothing. It has 1 MB of memory. I've been trying to transfer files over from my PC to the Amiga but so far I've had no luck.
I have already changed 2 null modem cables and 2 Serial-USB Adapters (my PC doesn't have a serial port) and none of them work properly.

The first cable I owned was some random cheap 25F-25F null modem cable and a cheap USB-serial adapter... I've configured everything properly and when using Amiga explorer I would get to the point after you press CTRL-C, and then I would get an "Error reading COM port". So I went to the Amiga explorer site and saw they mentioned the Belkin cable, F3X171-10, and they tested it, so I bought that one and a brand new Serial-USB adapter. Now I get to the point where it says to press CTRL-C, I press it, press OK on the pc, and there is NO break message, and it doesn't work, no response at all. The first bit of setup transfers fine before that.

Using ADF Sender Terminal, I send "transdisklong" over perfectly fine, 100% complete, I press CTRL-C on the Amiga, and then I have to send another file and cancel to end the break, and when I do that and press cancel, my entire pc FREEZES and nothing works anymore, mouse doesn't move, HDD light doesn't light up, only thing I can do is restart. So basic file transfer works but it seems whenever the Amiga is supposed to "break" it doesn't happen and either my PC locks up with ADF sender or with Amiga Explorer it just doesn't work. This damn Belkin cable is very expensive and since they "tested " it , I have assumed it would work... I wanted to do things old fashioned way with serial cable but it's all a big mistake and I should have got a CF card...
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