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Hey Toni Here is my current status in getting something not-for-gaming working. See my work in my last post and my recipe in a previous post.

All this is NOT geared toward "individual opinions of what their CRT looks like". It's from

a) No aligned Filter scanlines
b) Aligned scanlines in Mask (by unaligning the mask...), but this does not allow the Desaturation and black level adjustments possible with a custom Overlay (that works properly), so botched job that will have to do for now with Mask plus coarse Display tweaks...
c) Shaders don't offer aligned scanlines either, and degrade picture quality

So for aligned scanlines without shaders and better precision and CRT colors (but no other CRT emulation), this is what I've whittled it down to and see as needed currently.

1. Desaturation option. Same as shaders. Will avoid Gamma tweaks destroying the colorspace.
2. Overlays working, this is to avoid brightening the whole picture (destroy blacks) and then masking down (to get blacks). (If you set my 720x568 Overlay as a mask, you will see a "cross" in lower right that I think is a hint for what's wrong with the scaling that is applied. Change horiz. pos also to make it clearer.)
3. 2x, 3x etc scale without filtering is already possible. There seems to be an issue applying the Mask/Overlay, though (see 1 spurious Mask line). This is the Mask that works in Windowed.
4. Then: post-scale the whole thing to "1.5x" (any texture size, fits any size and resolution lower than the 2/3x scale using Bicubic filtering (not bilinear).

If this is possible, just good scanlines and just accurate colors are possible as in f.ex. Vice, BlueMSX, etc.

I'm pushing for this because I want UAE to match those emus, of course. <3

Gamers may want creative shaders with character that makes game X more enjoyable and I'm all for that. But I just want some reference established that can be used for checking and then it will look the same on a real Amiga.

I've not shared Display tweaks because I know my pictures in that thread are WIP = not reference scanlines, reference colors yet (because of 1/2/3/4 above).
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