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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
I still don't understand what are you trying to do with overlays, as I said, they are only for monitor bezels (search for them, there is thread about them), trying to use them for anything else is undefined and unsupported.

Shaders get configured internal Amiga resolution in display panel (lores/hires/shres), so why do you think they are lores only?

EDIT: Separate "real overlay" would fix it but I am not sure how "normal" or "real" overlays are supposed to work vs RGB masks. (I still think RGB masks are what most others call overlays)
I know what bezels are. Overlaying a bezel on top of an arcade game, which is where they come from, does not shrink the picture. It masks the edges of the picture.

I will try more shaders, but I need control to make it accurate. The shaders seem geared toward general looks/eyecandy and a gamer doesn't care if a pixel is half width or intermittently blurred. For general application, the (Amiga) pixels must all be the same size and shaded the same way. Like in Vice, BlueMSX, etc etc.

If there is someone who has ever used Overlays in WinUAE, I'm sure they've been unable to scale it back to where the picture displays properly and there aren't a bunch of artifacts. See previous files. You can measure the width in PC-pixels of an Amiga screen or window, then add an overlay, and the width for the same Amiga screen or window - you will be unable to get that width back. (Which is the symptom of the error in thinking in the implementation of it; if you could, then a scaled representation of the Amiga output is possible, else it's just the result; what you ended up by enabling Overlay.)

The current Overlay method seems to use correct alpha channel compositing, probably Mask uses the same although it should be Multiply with grayscale and no alpha channel if you're being strict. EDIT: masks follow the latter, which is good but which also does not allow scanline-based raising of the black point, as on CRTs.

Sorry for the frankness in this thread, but it feels like an early function that has been abandoned and that nobody has used because there's no way to make it work properly. Regarding the scaling, I mean. It seems it subtracts about 16px horizontally and about 4px vertically from the right and bottom before applying the scaling.

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