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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
I could do the overlay if I knew what size it should be for a given window/fullscreen size, in order to not change the scaling.
As I said, it is always scaled. You are trying to do something that is not supported.

I could help make a "like CRT" option?
I don't really care because there is the usual problem: everyone has different idea of "like CRT" and usually others idea is always wrong too. I stay far far from these kinds of threads.

I can't find documentation or example overlays/masks on or via a quick web search.
Pixel shader package contains masks (originally from MAME I think)

A mask would intuitively be a better match for a bezel...?
Ignore names, they probably have some historic reasons..

No correct scanlines shader in the shader thread yet, and I don't know if the shader work per lores pixel or if it takes into consideration scanline number, neighboring pixel colors, scalingfiltering when size isn't an even multiple etc. I guess it does. Ideally for an eyecandy one you would want glow around each pixel.
Shader should be able to do everything needed. Monitor does not know if mode is lores or hires anyway. It is just a "line" from monitor point of view.

Example images: a still image doesn't show a missing pixelcolumn/row. Just load any ADF with something that scrolls. Steps to reproduce is still valid.
No. I can't duplicate. Config file + used program etc MUST be included. Always!
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