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Originally Posted by malko View Post
In the document provided by SpeedGeek, it is indicated that deadlines have been extended. Thus, the story will continue in mid-December at the earliest.
Actually, the deadlines for both cases have been extended (but not for the same reason). However, after the service of process has been completed in the trademark case, I would not be surprised to see it extended again (for the same reason as the contract case). Like I said, the U.S. torpedo works just as well as the Italian torpedo.

The contract case has now been extended again due to settlement negotiations. It also gives a hint about the "Motion To Compel" and why it was withdrawn. Hyperion had previously failed to submit documentation of it's evidence and expert witnesses in compliance with the case discovery requirements. Hence, Hyperion's recent compliance resulted in the motion being withdrawn.

Also, it's appears that all of the parties have finally been motivated to attempt to settle the cases due to very high legal costs.
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