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Ok, I have fixed some OCS problems, but there's still a (minor) glitch on startup... some pixels in the topleft corner (visible for ca. 1s)
Here's the (modified) startup code from Stingray...
        move.l    graphicsBase,a6
        move.l    gb_actiView(a6),Display_oldView(a5) ; save old view
        move.l    $26(a6),Display_oldCop1(a5)
        move.l    $32(a6),Display_oldCop2(a5)
        sub.l    a1,a1 ; flush view
        jsr    _LVOLoadView(a6)
        jsr    _LVOWaitTOF(a6)
        jsr    _LVOWaitTOF(a6)
        lea    $dff000,a6
        move.w    $10(a6),Display_oldATKCON(a5)
        move.w    $1C(a6),Display_oldINTENA(a5)
        move.w    $02(a6),Display_oldDMACON(a5)

        move.w    #$7FFF,d0
        ;bsr    Display_WaitRaster
        move.w    d0,$9A(a6)            ; Disable Interrupts
        move.w    d0,$96(a6)            ; Clear all DMA channels
        move.w    d0,$9C(a6)            ; Clear all INT requests

        move.w    #$1fff,$9a(a6)
        move.w    #$1fff,$9c(a6)
        move.w    #$8200+32+64+128+256,$96(a6)    ; my DMA
I am almost certain it is visible after LoadView()...
Any ideas how to fix this? Is this the mouse pointer or what?
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