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Eek WinUAE partitioned CF card not showing up in Workbench

I followed this tutorial to the letter:
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It worked with my other CF cards using the CF card reader but on the new one I bought, the 2GB 133x Transcend, problem occurs.

I even used Diskpart to "clean" the card before starting the whole process.
After setting the uaehf.device in HD Toolbox and partioning the card (neither partiton had more then 1 gig) and rebooting, after the workbench loads up, the new hard disk ie. the 2 newly created partitions do not show up? Tried resetting, pulling the card out etc, but it's always the same thing.

I repeated the whole paritioning procces once again, but it still doesn't show up.

Anyone had a simmilar issue? This is quite frustrating. I prepped several other cards like this and this one, which I planned to setup before my IDE CF pack comes in, simply decided not to show up in Workbench.
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