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Hello, again!

@ spiff: Mmmmh, no idea, sorry!

>Suggestions for CD32-444 version 1.1:

Nope, after the 888 I think I'm tired of making updates,
but as there seems to be LOOOOT of space available left on the 888,
I'll include your suggestions in that one...(as far as they make sense; f.e. Doom
1. Gods: OK, I'll see!
2. Shadow of the Beast: OK, I'll see also!
3. Ruff 'N' Tumble: ""
4. Turrican 1: ""
5. Another World: your version is French : Hehe, I didn't notice that...
6. Pinball Fantasies: probably some vs. problem,as the 444
version is the cd32.... Very likely I can't do sth against that...
7. Super Stardust: Same as on 6.
8. CD32-444 BUG: In your alphabetical listing, A actually appears after A-B
I noticed that, but you're the 1st one, who cares about that
I'd say: Too late!
9. CD32-444 BUG: Hhhmmmm..... Too late ...

*** Requests for your upcoming CD32-888 ***

1. Alien Breed 3D CD32 : Nope! & password protection
2. Alien Breed 3D 2 : Look Xenon...
3. Blood Money : Don't know from here... I'll check that!
4. Cannon Fodder 2 : Already included with jopyad support
(has some gfx-glitches, but should be fun anyway...)

>[it's easy to use a mouse on the CD32 if you can't get the joypad working]

Hehe, of course! But I didn't want and won't include mouse only games,
as a mousepad in bed suxx... Sorry!
5.,6. Doom (2) : Look xenon! I will not even try this....
7. Fears CD32 : problem. Won't work!
8. Flashback
[thanks for trying to add this one] : already did so, but it is included
as the only one not-working-with-jp-only-game...
9. Gloom CD32 : works...
10. Menace : No idea, will check that!
11. Obsession Pinball
[get this one off the CD32-200 disc - it requires a keyboard, but that's OK]

Nope! I won't include games needing mouse/keyboard...

12. Pinball Dreams : See Xenon... Bad luck this one doesn't run!
13. Pinball Mania : Nope!
14. Populous : Nope!
15. Populous 2 : Although I love this game, nope!
16. Slamtilt Pinball
[new request]

Not really a new request! It doesn't run!
17. Speedball 2 NTSC version by Konami : I don't have it!
18. State of the Art demo by Spaceballs : Already in the special-demo-dir...
19. Super Skidmarks CD32 : See Xenon!
20. Sword of Sodan : No idea, will B checked...
21. Syndicate American Revolt (add-on game) : Hopefully works with the
CD32-version! It doesn't work on emulation here, but the Syndicate from 444
doesn't work on emu, too... Is included!
22. TV Sports Basketball : Not sure, but I think I dropped this!?
23. Yo! Joe! : Already included!

Finally thank you for your offer! Is it possible to give me PDFs?
I have soo many amiga-magazines, that I'm running off living-space
(additionally I have more than 1000 original videotapes, so there REALLY is no space left.... ) -> That's why I'm living either in my computer our ourside in nature

Hi, xenon!
>Also, I am a nearly new amiga user and I am focused in the CD32, as it is the only >amiga I have

Nice to hear that there are still new amiga users!
CD32 is a cool choice for playing!!!! But you'll miss gems like
Ambermoon without a "real" Amiga"...
Sorry I forgot the list with your working suggestions at home, but there several that worked and several which didn't.... ?
> The Light Corridor (I like it a lot!!!) : I'll check that!
> CHIP'S CHALLENGE : Seems to be on the 444? Or at least it's in my old
444-working dir?
About Pacmania: Are you sure it's on the 444? It's not in my 444-working-dir...

Hi, Rebel!
> Cool Spot! I tried a lot on my ex-cd32! It almost killed my TV...
Maybe a PAL problem... Possible it works on NTSC-tvs, but I don't want to be
responsible for a killed tv....
>TinToy : Gave up hope after many tries, when working on the 444.... Sorry!
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