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Originally Posted by nujack View Post
I had the same problem some years ago but I found a pinout for that cable.
Have a look to the following thread for more information:
Not sure if the pinout below is correct:
It looks incorrect: the connector in the picture has 8 pins, so must be a RJ45 connector, while RJ11 has 4 pins. Could not get the a1k link to work btw.

Shouldn't be too hard to figure out the pinout. There are three pins needed - TXD RXD and ground. As RJ11 has 4 pins one should be spare, so I guess it is either not connected, grounded or perhaps 5V.

1. Measure which of the pins is ground.
2. Try to figure out what pin is spare - if also ground or 5V it is easy.
3. If you was able to identify spare pin you now only have two possible combinations of RXD and TXD so just use quick trial and error and see what combination that works .

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