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Originally Posted by icycool View Post
Negativity is where it's deserved, this is a pathetic project worth no-ones time but to reply to the endless entries on a long dead project. It's sad it has come to this, but sometimes you have to let data go, and this is no exception. We are all getting older and if this is the best humanity can offer, it's not worth it. Close this thread.
I think it's more of a case of this "dead" project potentially holding some rare software that has caused all this negativity along with some people just being of the entitled generation of course.

Seriously, humanity's woes are not really due to some missing ADFs are they. Get some perspective.

Just do not read this thread, if the plan was to shame Galahad/Sub-Zero into releasing the stuff it's clearly not worked, so practise what you preach. Don't read the thread, don't respond to any further posts in it, and don't download any files should they be released......

But of course we know that's not going to happen
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